Monday, May 21, 2012

Marathon Training?

Mrs. Arlette Goofy & ME!!
check out that bling

Crazy? I am going to train to run a FULL MARATHON!!!!

So I have decided to run a marathon, some dear friends are there to cheer and some think I have flat lost my mind, I love the sistas!! This will be my story, I will start off with a little of history!

It all starts in Summer 2011, Arlette was doing the Goofy(half & full marathon, one day a apart), Wendi was doing the Full and Jill talks me into doing the half, I thought yeah this is one of those things on my bucket list, but I was worried that I would get swept and that would have been more than I could handle…So I start to train and it seems I can never get into a routine! December comes around and I sign up to the local gym and start using the tread mill…

Its Trip time, after a knock down drag out fight with DH, I made it to Disney! Race day, Arlette, Jill and I head to the starting line, after being herded to the start line I am thinking WHAT did I get myself into…

We started off, I felt pretty good, keeping up with Mrs. Goofy Arlette, I think we were doing a 2:1 ration or maybe it was 1:1, heck I can’t remember! Anyhos, we lost Jill in the first mile  (sad face)!!! I stayed with Mrs Goofy until abt mile 7 when she put here head phones in and did her little dance…I could see her up until 8, then I lost her….At Mile 9 I hit rock bottom…I made a call back home to my BFF, Well I had forgot to tell her I was running a half so she was shocked, but she of course made a big deal, after she cheered me up, off I went…The rest I remember thinking only 3 more miles, only 2 more miles, and then the legs just WOULD NOT work to run…I decided as long as the work to walk, I’m good…I was still worried abt getting swept until I turned towards Epcot, but I found out later that they don’t get you after mile 11ish or was that 12…Entering Epcot I ran into Linda (carswell) and I stayed with her up until Mile 13 and then I decided I would run that last, IF my legs allowed it…I crossed the finish line and kept waiting for the tears of joy, they never came (I bet I sweated them out) Anywhos I was great until I finally saw Arlette, which I would have NEVER finished this race without her. I will never forget that look on her face. That moment will stick withme! I knew going in I had to stay with her until the half way point if I wanted to finish the race. Well I finished, sore and miserable, but my fault for not training….But it stuck in the back of my head that I stayed with Mrs Goofy Arlette until mile 7, what could I do if I actually trained…And then it was okay I did the ½ like I knew I could…What abt the full…Then I decided my mind was wacked out of it from the run!! 

Fast Forward to May 18, 2012…I finally see the post on facebook abt the new Marathon Course…And wow it does look great…Something abt every 5-6 Miles…Then it was, Am I losing it, do I really want to run that far? CRAZY….Later that night, when I couldn’t sleep I started reseaching…I am 36, over weight and NOT happy with myself, time to do something abt that…And what better way to start training for a FULL FREAKING MARATHON…I made the fateful text to Arlette, I’m in…Whats next??  Oh and did I mention I HATE to run….Joy for me!!

So starting tommorow I start my Runs, 30min of running with 30sec walk 30sec Run, following the Jeff Galloway training paln… My goal for the marathon is a 12-13 mile, which means  running 2min and walking 1. Should be doable!

Oh and then I talked to Wendi this morning, shes excited that I am board but then mentions I really should find a "pratice marathon in the fall to run! ;0(   Maybe the Wichita half marathon in October!

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Monday, March 2, 2009


After our hectic weekend with the grandparents, I decided to post a page that I worked up about Grandma & how glad we were that she was able to go on vacation with us! Here it is!

My lovely mother & father took Kiersten Saturday to pick up some auto parts abt 3hrs away, I had talked to them late Saturday night and they had picked everything up, but her cell phone was dead and hes was working on going dead! Well Sunday morning when I got up I called out to the farm and my older brother answers, nope not home yet!! After some stress, I called our local Sheriff Dept and had them put out a search for em, WALL LA - mom called at abt 10am, laughing the Trooper that found them knew me from my High School days, so he thought it was pretty entertaining!! Thank goodness it all ended well!

Hope the rest of the week stays nice and quite!


Friday, February 20, 2009

Another week another page!

This one is copied big time from Brittney & Britt-ish Designs, check out her website, its listed in my favorites! Hers looks so much better, don't know how she does all that!

Friday, February 13, 2009

New Pages

Well I have finally put together a couple more of Pages from our Vacation!

We had such a blast at Epcot's World Showcase's Germany! The amount of details that Disney puts into everything is just amazing. We loved it!

Up Next, Wishes Fireworks page, After having Dinner in the castle that night we watched Wishes from the Rose Garden off to the side of the Castle! What a night!

Hubby and I just got back from a night away from home in a Bed and Breakfast & a visit to the spa! If your ever in Hays, Kansas. Make sure to check out the Rock Haven Spa!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Gymnastics Meet

Well we attended our first gymnastics meet of the season this weekend and Kiersten did wonderful! I am attempting to post the video we took. First up is Kiersten's floor routine, at the end is the round off back handspring in which she has worked for over a year. This meet was the first time I have seen her connect them so well! We were shocked!

Next Up is her bar routine. Honestly it was not the best I have seen her do, but it earned her a 9.05 and in her age group (11a) it earned her a 1st place (out of 10)! You should have seen the look on her face when her name was called for 1st place. With her Vault score & Beam she ended up in 4th place overall!